So let’s talk about the most unsuccessful .io game in the world so far. Ok let’s talk about the mode called Insta. In this mode your supposed to split and then connect back together instantly. But the problem is that Agmas game mode Insta is worse than’s because when you split you split in random places the map is kind of slippery what I mean by slippery is that when you split multiple times you go in different directions your aim is not accurate most of the time which is a pain in the butt.

. And you don’t connect as fast cause like I said about when you hit the virus you split way to far from the middle which gives you a disadvantage to connect faster. Also, to play better by connecting faster and by not making it slippery you have to buy gold member ship.

When you hit the virus in you split in a very wide radius which mean your farther away from the middle and it will take a while to connect. Therefore is not very popular anymore.

Oh my gosh do you know what that means? That’s basically means that is pay to win game not skill to win cause if you buy gold member ship which is very expensive and a waste of money you can freeze yourself so you don’t split in different directions and you can connect even faster. In you don’t have to pay to get extensions you just need skills which is so much fun and better because its more fun and exciting. Also has many things that need to be fixed more than to be honest is basically like if you have no money your noob if your rich and spend a lot of money your pro that’s how sad is some one please help that game. S in conclusion is pay to win and some people die every time to people that spend money cause they have extensions that’s not how games should work they work by skills not money.