So, I will be talking about game and the game mode is instant. In that mode you basically connect fast but to be honest you don’t really connect as fast has many problems in the game.

For example, in you connect instantly but not in In the opponent has enough time to double you before you connect.

When you hit the virus in you split in a very wide radius which mean your farther away from the middle and it will take a while to connect. Therefore is not very popular anymore.

Also, it’s hard to split carefully in instant mode because when you split you kind of spread out a lot and the game play is kind of slippery. What I mean by slippery is that when you split you kind of move a little to the side not in one certain place. The mode instant is kind of boring and doesn’t hold many players I mean most of the things I know and most of the things I said about are negative due to their connecting system.

When you sixteen x split you spread into like beans spilled in if you noticed you split like a round ball meaning when you split you attach so fast that you from a circle instantly. stands up to his name meaning the mode in is very accurate but in its not. In instant mode of the feed is very bad in instant mode because when you feed yourself to press W the food doesn’t spam but in you can just hold W and connect even faster, so it gives extra boost. can be very irritating when your being doubled cause your thinking to itself that your supposed to connect really fast but in its hard to double which makes it more challenging and fun.