FFA Agar.io

So agar.io FFA is a mode where players of all sizes can team or be solo. And in that mode, you can split in total of sixteen pieces.

And when you feed the virus, they don’t move they stay in place and they duplicate into another virus. You need to shoot your food for about six times (I tested this). When your very big and you hit the virus, you split 16 times there are about two big pieces and the rest are small. When you split sixteen times you can eat the virus’s whole without splitting apart into pieces like you do when your connected.

This server is called FFA it stands for Free For All which means you can do anything in this server no rules. Your main goal is to be number one and the leaderboard determines how much mass you have the more you have the closer to top one the less the further away to top one. You can only do challenges in FFA mode not in any other mode the challenges give you coins, trophies, and something’s that help you unlock a skin

Sometimes you might get xp boots or mass boosts. It depends on how easy the quest is if its very easy you get ok stuff if its very hard you get cool stuff. FFA is the main mode of agar.io its one of the most important because it’s a regular mode its not a mode where there are cool features added in. One of the biggest things in FFA mode is that there is a lot of trolling like I said before its free for all which means no rules

People hide in viruses and pop big people or do other stuff. FFA mode is also the hardest mode to play in because there are no nerfs and buffs in that server its all same it rarely changes. But if FFA mode does change the change wont be big it will be almost unnoticed.