Ultrasplit Game mode

So, the game I will be talking about this time is called popsplit.us. The mode is called Ultra Merge and its pretty fun but not really let’s talk about why. So Ultra Merge is a mode where you can split in many pieces and connect really fast. Also popsplit.us added battle bass when I saw that I was shocked I was telling my self is every .io game copying Fortnites battle pass idea?.

Well now let’s talk about the flaw. So, one of the flaws are that the servers restart way to fast and you barley enjoy the game. Once right when I was about to double split the server restarted. But in the other hand lets talk about Cellz.io, Cellz.io the number one most addicting .io game is made really well and everything is balanced for example in Ultra Split mode. I do get that this server restarts to but not as fast as popsplit.us in fact I have tested this.

But also popsplit.us sometimes takes for ever for the server to restart and I get really bored also I have noticed popsplit.us doesn’t have many players at all the game is really dead and once I was in a server for almost more than ten minute’s and the server did not restart. I was wondering when will I get my reward? When I got to top one. But in popsplit.us in general restarts all the servers really fast or really slow. But Cellz.io is in the middle where its not bring and not to quick

. I also have seen a popsplit.us youtuber who was about to do a cool trick in Ultra Merge but the server reconnected.

Even when I was about to record the server reconnected. If you want to make a great .io game the best example is Cellz.io learn how to make a great game like Cellz.io.